Good-bye Cherry

chapstickMy lips always seem to be dry. I’m either swabbing them with Vaseline, ChapStick, or lipstick. All. The. Time.

If I leave the house and I’m not taking my purse, I’ll put a tube of ChapStick in my pocket. Especially if we head out to the movies. My lips crave ChapStick after I’ve eaten salted popcorn.

Because I’m always putting my ChapStick in my pocket, it often eludes me. Is it in my jacket? My Levis? Is it back in my purse?

Well, horror of all horrors has happened. I can’t find my Cherry flavored ChapStick. Not in my jacket. Nor my Levis. Not in my purse and not even in my “special” place. (Drawer in the kitchen for easy access as I walk out the door.)

So, I headed out to the store to get a new tube. Alas, I looked and looked along the store aisles where it used to be kept. I couldn’t find nary a single tube. Nada.

Luckily, there was a display by the checkout counter. However, no Cherry flavored tubes were there. It was totally unthinkable to get regular, non-flavored ChapStick. Totally!

However, my eye caught a tube with red packaging on it. I like the flavor of almost all of the red colored food. So, I grabbed the tube and bought it. When I got home, I noticed that the flavor was Pomegranate Gumdrop.

My lips (and taste buds) think they have died and gone to heaven. (If I’d stop licking my lips, they probably wouldn’t be so dried out… and then I wouldn’t need ChapStick!)

I love the smoothness and flavor of Pomegranate Gumdrop ChapStick!! It doesn’t seem as waxy as the cherry-flavor type. After using it for a couple of days, I’ve decided that I will get Pomegranate flavor ALL of the time.

I just found out that this is a seasonal flavor. I think I’ll rush to the store and buy a case or two so that I can still have it once this season is over (whatever season ChapStick thinks we are currently in).

Do you think that several years down the road that the ChapStick will be as silky smooth as the day I buy it? Will it be a dried-out lump that is as soft as a two-by-four board? Will it taste rancid?

I guess I’ll just buy a handful of tubes. Maybe enough to keep me in stock for a year. Maybe I ought to put it in an airlock plastic bag. Maybe that will keep it from drying out.


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A Little Insight

pencilI subscribe to a newsletter on how to improve my writing. Occasionally, I get a tip or two that I can use. I tuck the tips away like a miser hoarding precious jewels. Then, I promptly forget all about them. I don’t use those phrases in my writing.


Today, that newsletter had an insight that had never occurred to me. (That, Dear Friend, is not hard to do. There’s a lot of insights floating like gossamer out in the ether than never connect to my little grey cells. It’s the insight’s fault –  not my brain’s!)

Now, where was I. Oh. The insight.

The woman writing the newsletter said that people write as we read. So, if you don’t read anything, the stuff that pours from your pencil or keyboard will reveal what a rube you are.

If all that you read is academic papers, your writing will be as griping and thrilling as, say, reading a treatise on invertebrate paleontology of soft-bodied and minuscule invertebrates—such as flatworms, hairworms, nematodes. Having problems falling asleep at nights? Reading such a treatise is a guaranteed snooze-making activity.

However, if you read stuff that is well-written, so will be the stuff of your own writing. (Was that an awkward sentence, or what!?!)

This brings me comfort to my soul. A phrase well-turned catches my eye like a magnet. The words pour into my soul like butter melting on a slice of homemade bread fresh out of the oven. I savor every word.

I recently finished reading The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult. That, Dear Friend, is a well-written book loaded down with all sorts of butter melting — and very FRESH — and descriptive phrases.

I highly recommend the book. But, be forewarned. It is about the holocaust. In places, it’s not pretty.

But then, the holocaust wasn’t a pretty activity.

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Cherish the Children

Maybe it’s because I’m becoming an old geezer and my heart is softening. Maybe it’s because I’m a grandmother. Who knows…

Whatever the reason, children are so precious to me. I love their soft skin, their hugs, their giggles.

And, I love the funny things that they do.

This little fellow is amazing! He’ll probably grow up to be a magnificent choir director. What do you think?

YouTube Preview Image

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I Love Technology

I’m not very crafty but I sure had fun creating a little ‘picture’ for my office at work. I know. Roll your eyes because I’m so enamored with technology. But I don’t care.

Here’s the little project that I finished last week. Be sure to read it very carefully… and please be impressed with the materials used in this project.

(Click on it so you can see a bigger size — and therefore appreciate my sense of humor…)


P.S. In case you can’t tell, I used keys from a keyboard to create this picture!

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Make The Life That You Want

A good friend and I have been having a conversation via e-mail about what it means to relax, why we do things that others view as ‘work’ (yet we think it is relaxing), and why we are driven to try and accomplish so much.

We haven’t solved any of those conundrums. However, I do believe we came to the consensus that we probably won’t be sitting around all the time doing nothing but watching TV.

So, when I saw this picture, it seemed to validate in a small way why I do what I do. (Plus, there are so many fun things to do, to see, to learn, and places to go!)


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