You Go, Ikea

Tickled pink, that’s what I am.

I absolutely love the new Ikea ad. At the end where the ad recommends that people ‘download’ themselves to the Ikea store to get a copy of Ikea’s ‘bookbook’ (catalog), it pleases me to no end. I love their sense of humor and cleverness.

You go, Ikea!

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Such a Good Perspective on Goals


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A Duet With Siri

Siri is part of the Apple iOS (operating system). It’s like having a personal assistant. You can ask it a question and it will answer to the best of its ability. And Siri is pretty good.

I just learned about a young man named Jonathan Mann. He set a goal for himself to write a song a day. He’s been doing that since January 1, 2009. That is amazing. Totally amazing.

He has written a ‘duet’ with Siri. He sings his part and Siri answers. It is a delightful song. It tickles my technology soul and pleases my musician’s heart.

I hope you enjoy it, too.

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Cool Video

I love words. So this video about ‘word crimes’ by Weird Al Yankovic delighted me beyond words. I hope you enjoy it, too.


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The Career That I’m Best Suited For

If you spend any time on Facebook, you’ve probably seen all sorts of quizzes.  What type of princess are you? What country should you live in? If you were an apple, what kind would you be? That type of important information that my eternal salvation hangs upon.

I recently stumbled across a FB test that was (in my humble opinion) one of more significant importance. Or at least I thought so. In the beginning.

It was a career aptitude test. I’ve always wondered what I should be when I grow up.

Excited, I took the test. Here are the careers that said I was best suited for.

policeAdministrative law judge
Hearing officer
Judge (what’s the difference between this and an administrative law one, huh?)
Correctional officer
Door-to-door salesman
heavy tractor-trailer truck driver
Industrial truck and tractor operator

Sheesh! What a wildly different types of careers — from a judge/correctional officer/jailer to a truck driver. Those aren’t even in the same ball park. And how in the world did a door-to-door salesman career sneak in?

I am wildly, ecstatically happy in my current career because I use technology and support technology in education. Somehow, I don’t think I’d have the same job satisfaction as a truck driver or a jailer!

Goes to show how valid those FB tests are anyway . . .

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